To the summit, anyone?

By Matthew Tan Kiak Hin

December 2015 FEATURE
main image
The air-conditioned Swiss-made funicular train, which is capable of ferrying up to 100 passengers at a time.
If you are planning a trip up Penang Hill, chances are the funicular train will be your preferred mode of transport to the summit. Yet how often do we ever stop to ponder about what makes such a trip possible in the first place? Penang Monthly explores the engineering behind the Penang Hill Funicular Train and its evolution.Long, long ago, leisurely trips up Penang Hill were reserved for privileged people escorted upon sedan chairs. Each such chair was borne on the...

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Matthew Tan Kiak Hin

A passionate Penangite, Matthew Tan Kiak Hin believes in the power of the written word to spread ideas and enact change.