Maintaining a Forest in Shah Alam by and for the People, Hopefully Forever

By Carolyn Hong

main image
Peak Garden with its lovely views of KL.
A small passionate group in Shah Alam works to preserve the jungle in their backyard.Slashing and chopping doesn’t come naturally to Alicia Teoh, a tall and elegant city girl. But that doesn’t deter her from picking up and wielding a fearsome parang (machete) when she has to.After all, there is no other way to carve out a trail in a dense jungle.Teoh, 38, is undertaking a mega project, and it is not just about making jungle trails, although that is...

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Carolyn Hong

lives in Ba Kelalan sometimes, in KL sometimes. A former journalist who once chased the big stories for a regional newspaper, she now hunts for the small stories in Malaysia’s smallest places.