PDC – Making Penang Lead

By Fikri Fisal

August 2016 FEATURE
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PDC's offices at Bayan Lepas.
Losing its free port status would have done Penang in, if not for the PDC.Bayan Lepas, like Komtar and the Penang Bridge, are symbols of the robust development Penang underwent in the early 1970s. The story of how Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Prime Minister from 1970-1976, declared Bayan Lepas a free trade zone with a wave of his cane during his visit to the area, has become legend. But Penang’s industrial transformation is rightly credited to its second Chief Minister,...

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Fikri Fisal

is a simple guy who discovered the beauty of History while studying Actuarial Science at the University of Michigan. He wishes one day to be able to revamp the History subject in schools to be worthy of learning. He also admires professors with long white beards and is working hard to be like one.