Musica Sinfonietta– Born of Penang’s Cultural Bosom

By Andrea Filmer

August 2016 FEATURE
main image
Dr Andrew Filmer conducting in the "Big Bang!" 2014 camp concert.
For a small city to have one functioning orchestra is a proud enough feat. Penang now has three. This is the story of how the third one came into being.It was over 30 years ago when June Ong and Lo Mei Yoke first crossed paths. Pursuing post-Grade 8 studies with noted Penang piano teacher Joe Emuang, the duo knew each another in passing.When the Festival Chamber Orchestra was formed in the mid-1980s, later changing its name to the Penang State...

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Andrea Filmer

is a freelance journalist who has lived in the US and Australia but, for reasons unknown to herself, finds it impossible to call anywhere but Penang home.