Three Who Found the Call of Music Irresistible

By Andrea Filmer

August 2016 FEATURE
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PIJF 2015: Dos Orientale
A career in music brings both joy and uncertainty. Penang Monthly talks to a bassist, a songstress, and a percussionist who live for – and off – music.Jazzing Up the IslandIt was the 1970s and everyone was playing the guitar. Paul Augustin was no exception. The St. Xavier's Institution boy was in the thick of it; first, singing with his friends at the playground on weekends and eventually, forming a band.Paul Augustin.Inevitably, everyone who could play the guitar wanted to...

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Andrea Filmer

is a freelance journalist who has lived in the US and Australia but, for reasons unknown to herself, finds it impossible to call anywhere but Penang home.