By the Water’s Edge

By Jonathan Lim

main image
Weld Quay, or Pengkalan Weld, harbours a rich history that dates back to 1882. Stretching from Swettenham Pier to Gat Lebuh Prangin, it was named after Sir Frederick Weld who was the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1880 to 1887. The motive behind the building of this reclaimed coastal road was to link the ends of many ghats lining the shallow waterfront – points where boatmen docked to unload their cargo and passengers. The island’s location at the tip...

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Jonathan Lim

Born and raised in Penang, Jonathan Lim’s work as an independent photographer revolves around everyday life, sharing stories of people and places where culture, history and travel intersect. Aside from writing and nurturing a community arts initiative, he is currently focused on two long-term photo projects: documenting the work of an NGO in rural Sarawak and capturing life behind the bright lights of a travelling European circus.