A Hike Worth Getting Lost For!

By Louise Goss-Custard

February 2016 PEAKS AND PARKS
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Southwest of the island is a haven offering stunning views and quiet solitude.The fishing village of Gertak Sanggul seems to belong to a bygone era. Chinese farmhouses face the sea and fishermen’s huts line the quiet, sandy beach of this charming community on the southwest coast of the island. Here, fishing is either the profession or hobby of most inhabitants and visitors alike.Fishing boat on the sand at Gertak Sanggul.However, an increasing number of hikers and mountain bikers have recently...

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Louise Goss-Custard

is editor of the Penang Free Sheet (www.penangfreesheet.my), co-organiser of Open Studios Penang, and a keen flautist who plays with Penang’s best Irish band, the DramBand (www.facebook. com/DramBandPenang) and several local orchestras.