Smart Local Governance Brings Services to Remote Townships

By Lee Chun-Ta, Tso Chen-Dong

May 2016 FEATURE
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With the right planning, far-flung provinces can enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity, too.In today’s world, the Internet is a basic way of communication in urban areas; with a speedy and stable Internet, distance can be overcome. Yet, this is not easily available in Taitung, a remote rural county in the southeastern corner of Taiwan.In the past, industrial development in Taitung was severely constrained by its congenital conditions, and this caused longterm economic vulnerability and the lowest level of digitalisation in Taiwan....

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Lee Chun-Ta

is the CEO of the Taiwan Public Governance Research Center and an Associate Research Fellow of the Taiwan Competitiveness Forum. He obtained his PhD from National Taipei University and specialises in Public Administration and Social Sciences Research Methods.

Tso Chen-Dong

is the director of the Taiwan Public Governance Research Center and a professor in the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University. He specialises in Political Economy, East Asian Regionalism and South-East Asia.