A City For All Classes

By Stuart Macdonald, Evelyn Teh

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Penang has been receiving wreaths of accolades in recent years. But instead of basking in international glory, we should consider what it is that we ourselves wish for – and need.There is no doubt about it. Cities are growing with astonishing intensity, and as we move towards an increasingly urban world, a plethora of tools, indexes and frameworks is being developed for cities to compare and benchmark themselves with each other in terms of quality of life and liveability. This...

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Stuart Macdonald

is a fellow and head of Urban Studies at Penang Institute.

Evelyn Teh

is a senior analyst in the Urban Studies section of Penang Institute. A graduate in Marine Biology and Environmental Management, she enjoys writing and reading non-fiction. She also dabbles in photography and her works can be found at evelynteh.com.