New Cycling Lanes are Changing the Penang Experience

By AhPek Biker

May 2016 FEATURE
main image
This bridge, spanning over Sungai Pinang, comprises two S-sections connected to gentle ramps running parallel to the river on both sides. Instead of just a straight route, you get the bridge and some crooked lanes, and that’s what makes these cycling lanes interesting.
We test the East Coast Cycling Lanes and find them to be surprisingly up to snuff.Penang is leading other Malaysian states in promoting cycling and does that by trying to provide good cycling infrastructure. In August 2013, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng implemented the idea of shared cycling lanes. These are lanes outlined with green paint on existing roads to indicate that they are shared. At the launch, Lim also hinted at more to come, and this has partly materialised...

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AhPek Biker

is a cyclist in his late fifties. His cycling adventures have taken him to many interesting places such as Borneo, the Batanes in the Philippines, New Zealand and Japan. Read more about his cycling adventures at http://ahpekbiker.