Life, in Motion

By Jonathan Lim

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More often than not, we go about our days with set tasks and goals, driven by a sense of purpose. Something always needs doing – places to go, people to meet and work to finish. This cycle of accomplishment is beautiful for it emboldens us: it inspires greater heights, bigger plans, further destinations and, ultimately, a life lived in full measure.This selection of photographs, on the other hand, taken across a span of two years, is a celebration of the...

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Jonathan Lim

Born and raised in Penang, Jonathan Lim’s work as an independent photographer revolves around everyday life, sharing stories of people and places where culture, history and travel intersect. Aside from writing and nurturing a community arts initiative, he is currently focused on two long-term photo projects: documenting the work of an NGO in rural Sarawak and capturing life behind the bright lights of a travelling European circus.