A New Era Comes to Balik Pulau

By Andrea Filmer

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Stunning views are available on bicycle and sunset tours at Balik Kampung at Balik Pulau.
Penang Island’s hinterland beyond the hills is developing on many fronts. Penang Monthly introduces some surprising examples.Separated from its two nearest population centres – Teluk Kumbar and Sungai Ara – by over 8km of winding hillside road, Balik Pulau has a strong base of Hakka Chinese and rural Malay communities. The township has long been home to an aging population with the area’s younger generations moving to the east of Penang island for more lucrative job opportunities and contemporary infrastructure. Those left...

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Andrea Filmer

is a freelance journalist who has lived in the US and Australia but, for reasons unknown to herself, finds it impossible to call anywhere but Penang home.