Durians are a Growing Industry

By Priscilla Prasanthi, Sarah Yeoh

June 2016 FEATURE
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Ripening durians at Green Acres.
Balik Pulau is where nutmegs and cloves were once cultivated. Now it’s home to fruit orchards – most famously, durians. Some orchards arrange durian feasts, while others have homestays for those wishing to immerse themselves in protracted heady enjoyment of the king of fruits. Penang Monthly looks at three of them.Green AcresIt was 2009 when Eric Chong and his wife Kim Wong purchased their orchard after stumbling upon it during a hike. Covering 16 acres, Green Acres is home to...

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Priscilla Prasanthi

is a student currently doing her diploma in Mass Communication. She likes learning new things on a daily basis.

Sarah Yeoh

is a student who enjoys winding down to a relaxing session of jazz and is a closet fan of Arsenal.