Balik Pulau – Where Cottage Industries Still Survive

By Nidhal Mujahid, Ooi Kok Hin

June 2016 FEATURE
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There are many small and traditional family businesses located in the sleepy hamlet of Balik Pulau. Those that thrive do so by being small scale and relying on family and a handful of workers. Penang Monthly visits three of these enterprises.Faridah’s Kuih BahuluCrispy on the outside and soft on the inside, kuih bahulu is a local favourite. The cake also plays a significant role in many celebrations, such as Chinese New Year, and is a popular favour at Malay weddings.Since...

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Nidhal Mujahid

is just an ordinary man who works as an analyst at Penang Institute. He is inspired by the unique diversity of cultures that exist in Penang.

Ooi Kok Hin

is an INTP who lives to write and writes to live. Follow him at https:// ooikokhin.