Armwrestling Gets A Grip In Penang

By Liani MK

February 2024 FEATURE
main image
Armwrestler, Seth Naidu referees a game between his peers.
Photos by Arieff ZafirWALKING PAST DINGY ROOMS of workout gears, training pads and dumbbells on a dark rainy November morning, tensions might appear to be running high. But the laughter that follows indicates an air of playfulness and camaraderie.On weekends like this, budding armwrestlers from the Penang Armwrestling Association can be found training and locked in nail-biting matches at the community hall tucked away in Air Itam.Despite the contrast in their physique—the slender and sinewy Seth Naidu, and a gutsy...

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Liani MK

is an independent writer, journalist and artist whose works span areas of language, film, culture, indigeneity and migration in Southeast Asia.