The Bel Retiro Roundtable Wonders about Penang’s Far Future

By Fauwaz Abdul Aziz

February 2024 FEATURE
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Photo from TYT Penang Communications & Media Office.
SURVIVING THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL crises of these past years, it would be all too understandable if Penangites doubled down and dug into the trenches to just survive the next few years. A global pandemic, military and geopolitical conflicts, lockdowns rendering cities and towns into scenes of unsettling quiet and inactivity, and the unmistakable onset of despair from economies and economic activities grinding to a halt. The past half-dozen years appear to have been the most dramatic since the start of the...

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Fauwaz Abdul Aziz

is a Projects Researcher at Penang Institute, and is currently completing his PhD dissertation in anthropology at the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) Erlangen–Nürnberg in Bayern, Germany.