Recovering the Forgotten Art of Making Lem Peng

By Dr. Ong Jin Teong

February 2024 FEATURE
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Aunty Ai.
LEMPENG, LEN PEN or leng peng? However you may identify it, this traditional Penang Chinese New Year delicacy is now virtually extinct. “Lem Peng” was described as a “light as air” biscuit by Yeap Joo Kim in her book Penang Palate. In an interview, Lim Bian Yam described “leng peng” as a type of crispy but fluffy cookie that “melts” upon contact with the tongue. To avoid confusion, I shall spell it as lem peng, different from the Malay lempeng....

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  • [1] One gantang is equivalent to one gallon. One chupak is ¼ of one gantang.
Dr. Ong Jin Teong

is the author of two award-winning books —Nonya Heritage Kitchen: Origins, Utensils, Recipes and Penang Heritage Food: Yesterday’s Recipes for Today’s Cook. Following his retirement as a Nanyang Technological University’s College of Engineering professor, he lectures, conducts classes, writes books and articles on Nyonya cooking and food heritage, and runs the occasional supper club.