Hin Bus Depot: A Decade of Stimulating Creative Resurgence in Penang

By Ivan Gabriel

February 2024 COVER STORY
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NESTLED IN THE heart of George Town, Hin Bus Depot is more than a historic landmark; it is a pulsating creative community hub sprawling over 60,000 ft2 , exposing threads of history, art and sustainable community living. Its origins, rooted in the post-World War II era, tell a tale of resilience and transformation.In 1947, Hin Company Ltd erected the bus depot along Brick Kiln Road (now known as Jalan Gurdwara) to house and maintain their iconic Blue Buses. These buses,...

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Ivan Gabriel

is a curator with a curatorial approach committed to making art accessible to diverse audiences. He views each showcase as a chance for inadvertent education, using art as a powerful platform to initiate conversations about contemporary issues, provoking audiences to think and reflect.