An Award-winning Calligrapher Continues to Inspire with Ink and Harmony

By Iylia De Silva

January 2024 FEATURE
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THE FOUR TREASURES OF THE STUDY—brush, ink, paper and inkstone—are not just essential tools in Chinese brush paintings and calligraphy; they embody the scholar’s pursuit of self-cultivation and creative expression. Beyond being mere favourite pastime, they allow for tranquil meditation and the nurturing of mind and spirit.Chinese calligraphy evolved from ancient pictographic characters like the oracle bone script, jiǎ gǔ wén (甲骨文), and Chinese bronze inscriptions, zhōng dǐng wén (钟鼎文), transitioning into the structured seal script, zhuàn shū (篆书), and...

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Iylia De Silva

is a law graduate from the University of London. Balancing work and play, she savours every moment by indulging in her passion for food, languages, music and engaging with people from diverse cultures.