On the Proposed Progressive Wage Model in Malaysia

By Azmil Akil

January 2024 FEATURE
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FOR YEARS, Malaysia has implemented a minimum wage policy. While this policy has undoubtedly provided some relief, rising costs of living have often outpaced wage hikes, leaving many workers struggling to make ends meet. In addition, minimum wage policies have not addressed the needs of semiskilled workers, who are often trapped between the minimum and higher-paying jobs.In light of this, Malaysia is exploring a new approach—the Progressive Wage Model. On 30 November 2023, a White Paper on the policy was...

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  • [2] A living wage is an amount that is considered sufficient to afford a minimum acceptable living standard.
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Azmil Akil

is a Project Researcher at Penang Institute. He holds a Master of Economics from Universiti Malaysia Sabah.