Let’s Talk About Men’s Mental Health

By Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

December 2023 FEATURE
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“AFTER I WAS diagnosed, I felt insecure, and I worried about what people would think of me; my employees, my colleagues, my investors… I had all these doubts and lack of self-worth. But then I got tired of fearing that people would find out, so I decided to tell everyone. That was when I posted on social media.”Timothy Tiah broke barriers after being candid about his struggles, showing that even successful people who seemingly have everything in life can still...

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Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

is a former journalist with an interest in new media and social justice. A university lecturer by profession, she is happily married to her English husband, and is always planning for their next spine-chilling adventure. She does not take life too seriously, and occasionally daydreams about living the van life.