Menu Rahmah Has Been Helpful, But What’s Next?

By Humaira Shafril

December 2023 FEATURE
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A NOURISHING MEAL might appear routine for most people in Malaysia, but not so for marginalised individuals.With the Poverty Line Income (PLI) in the country soaring from RM1,198 in 2019 to a staggering RM2,589 in 2022, it was evident that the government needed to do something to ensure food on the table for the most vulnerable.The Menu Rahmah Programme was thus introduced earlier this year. Led by the late Salahuddin Ayub, this initiative by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and...

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Humaira Shafril

works as a research assistant at Bait Al Amanah in the Economics and Public Policy division. Outside of work, she enjoys winding down by creating personal vlogs and curating music playlists.