Fight for Your Man Caves and Your Comfort Foods

By Dato’ Dr. Ooi Kee Beng

December 2023 EDITORIAL
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YOU HAVE YOUR favourite places to be in. Favourite rooms within whose walls you feel safe, where you feel at home. There, you relax. The knot in your stomach loosens, your breathing slows and grows deeper, and your frontal lobe gives way to other senses.Your ego subsides. There is no risk at hand, no threat; you put your psychological weapons down.When you miss home, that is probably what you miss. In these places, you can indulge in yourself. Safe from...

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Dato’ Dr. Ooi Kee Beng

is the Executive Director of Penang Institute. His recent books include The Eurasian Core and its Edges: Dialogues with Wang Gungwu on the History of the World (ISEAS 2016). Homepage: