Terrific Sights on Offer Up Bukit Seraya

By Rexy Prakash Chacko

November 2023 PEAKS AND PARKS
main image
Looking towards Kedah from the slopes of Bukit Seraya.
Hike At A GlanceLength: 3 hours 30 minutes to the Tualang tree (it takes almost as long to get back the same way. An alternate, shorter route through the orchards connects to Sungai Lembu, close to the starting point).Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult .Interest level: Very High.Signposting: Plenty, however there is a labyrinth of confusing side trails going off the main trail. Hence, it is best to navigate using a hiking application or follow someone who hikes in the area.Likelihood of...

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Rexy Prakash Chacko

is an electronic engineer by profession and a nature lover by passion. While he spends his weekdays earning a living at the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, his weekends are spent reflecting and recharging on the green hills of Penang.