Penang Monthly Has Fun With AI Art

By Sheryl Teoh

November 2023 PHOTO ESSAY
main image
WHAT BETTER WAY is there to talk about generating art with AI than to just show you? Penang Monthly uses Gencraft, a platform that creates images and videos based on text descriptions for this month's photo essay.Perhaps a side effect of my fascination with ancient history, I am often drawn to ruins—especially so when nature takes over a once-imposing and magnificent building. “It is poetic, even magic, to see nature retaking what used to be hers,” says Jonathan Jimenez, a...

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Sheryl Teoh

holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Linfield College, a liberal arts college in the United States, and majored in History with a focus on Classical Greece and Rome. Her interests include the study of philosophy as well as a range of humanities and socio-political issues.