Will You Be Replaced by AI & Automation?

By Howie Chang

November 2023 COVER STORY
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AS WE FIND ourselves in the thick of IR 4.0, one question looms large: “Will automation replace human jobs?” This article discusses the most automatable sectors, new emerging jobs in the digital age and how we can stay relevant in an ever-changing job market.AI and Its HistoryIn order to grasp the role of artificial intelligence—commonly known as AI—one must first understand it beyond just a catch-phrase tossed around in conversations. AI is an arm of computer science that enables machines...

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Howie Chang

is the trailblazing co-founder and CEO of Forward College, a game-changing tech and future skills college in Malaysia. With his knack for product management, user experience and digital transformation, he is reshaping the landscape of tech education for individuals and enterprises. His mission is to help all be a better version of themselves for a future he believes will be made by creators, not consumers.