Popularising Peranakan Culture Through a Renewal of Its Jewelleries

By Peter Soh

September 2023 FEATURE
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SINCE I WROTE “The Complex Task of Being Chinese Peranakan” (Penang Monthly January 2020 issue) to explore the discourse of being a Chinese Peranakan in 2020, I do not think much has changed — the colourful Sarong Kebaya is probably still the first thing many people associate with the community and culture. Melaka and Penang now have Kebaya rental services for locals and tourists who want to have a feel of being a Nyonya.“Nowadays, the Sarong Kebaya is a costume....

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Peter Soh

is a Peranakan writer who is very interested in exploring the discourse and identity of the Chinese Peranakan. One of his Peranakan short stories was featured in the Emerging Malaysian Writers 2018 anthology. He is currently the Head of Humanities in Maple Leaf Kingsley International School, and teaches Sociology.