Not Just Passing Through: Marine Mammals Are Native to Our Northwestern Shores

By Louisa S. Ponnampalam

June 2023 FEATURE
main image
Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. Source: MareCet.
MANY MOONS AGO, as a young post-doctoral scientist just returned to Malaysia after a decade of studying abroad, I was looking for a site where I could begin my life-long harboured career of researching and protecting marine mammals. The conundrum for me, at the time, was: In a maritime nation with thousands of kilometres of coastlines, where do I begin?While chatting with a friend who had just been on holiday in Langkawi, she mentioned seeing what looked like bottlenose dolphins...

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Louisa S. Ponnampalam

is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The MareCet Research Organization, the only NGO in Malaysia dedicated to the research and conservation of marine mammals. She loves swimming in the sea, hiking in the rainforests, supporting the local arts scene and wolfing down a steaming hot plate of Penang Char Koay Teow.