Ysabel Loh: Telling Stories About Penang

By Miriam Devaprasana

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LONDON-BORN AND Penang-raised Ysabel Loh, 24, is an award-winning Malaysian actress with a degree in English and Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick and an MA in Digital Media Production at University College London. In 2022, she debuted as a VR artist at Penang’s annual George Town Festival with her evocative and thought-provoking immersive piece, The Pulau I call Home. Here, she shares her journey to becoming a multidisciplinary arts practitioner, rediscovering her Malaysian heritage and living out her...

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Miriam Devaprasana

is a dabbler of creative expressions and a budding researcher rooted in sensitivity, vulnerability, faith and human connection. Check out more of her writing on mdev16.wordpress.com.