James Dollery Fettes of Penang Waterworks: A Life of Civil Engineering and Service (Part Two)

By Eugene Quah

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A rare photo of the Guillemard Service Reservoir during its construction, c.1926-1927. It is built into a low ridge that connects Mount Olivia to Mount Erskine (Seen in the background beyond the reservoir). Mount Erskine is colloquially called Pearl Hill. Source: Ganesh Kolandaveloo.
Read Part 1: James Dollery Fettes and Penang Waterworks: A Legacy of Public Service (Part 1)DURING A MEETING on 30 April 1909, the President of the Penang Municipal Commission, James Wilson Hallifax, asked Leonard Moore Bell how long “the new engineer” had been working and what he was working on. The Municipal Engineer replied, “About three months,” and that James Fettes “was at present engaged in getting information generally as to the impounding reservoir” at Batu Ferringhi “and a proposed...

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Eugene Quah

is an independent researcher and writer who is working on a book tentatively called “Illustrated Guide to the North Coast of Penang”. He rediscovered the joys of writing after moving back to Penang from abroad.