Dikir-Dangdut and the Defiant Spirit of Kelantanese Women

By Izzuddin Ramli

April 2023 FEATURE
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Source: ajriya © 123RF.com.
ROSALINDA KEPT HER head down and her eyes fixed on the floor as she walked out of the Gua Musang Lower Syariah Court in June 2014. Hot on her heels was a throng of journalists from local newspapers bombarding her with questions and cameramen jostling to get her close-up. Among them was a Sinar Harian photo-journalist who managed to capture a shot of her wearing a turquoise scarf, fumbling around in her handbag. The next day, the newspaper published her...

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Izzuddin Ramli

edits Penang Institute’s Suara Nadi and finds himself speaking to writers, researchers, and cultural activists in Bual Nusantara, a podcast channel maintained by the Institute.