Is TVET Not the Obvious Key to a Vibrant Economy?

By Dr. Rahida Aini

January 2023 COVER STORY
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IF THERE IS an issue pertaining to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), it is the bad reputation garnered among urbanite parents. “It is about low-end jobs with low salaries and minimal career advancement prospects,” says Ramona, a parent to a 16-year-old. “On top of that, the working environment in most places is poor.”This judgement tends to sway students away from TVET and get them to regard it as a second-class option, meant for dropouts.Parents are prone to be...

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Dr. Rahida Aini

works as a Publication Officer at Penang Institute. She enjoys writing and strolling along Straits Quay, appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth.