Malaysia’s TVET Ecosystem in Need of All-of-Society Engagement

By Fauwaz Abdul Aziz, Nadya Subramaniam

January 2023 FEATURE
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TVET IN MALAYSIA originated from the colonial and early post-colonial governments’ need for trained and skilled manpower to run state agencies and projects. Over the last few decades, the TVET system has shifted notably towards efforts to collaborate with industry players. The Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Human Resources have been the more recognised public faces in matters of TVET. Up to 10 other ministries (Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development, Agriculture and Food industries, Defence, Works, and...

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Fauwaz Abdul Aziz

is a Projects Researcher at Penang Institute, and is currently completing his PhD dissertation in anthropology at the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) Erlangen–Nürnberg in Bayern, Germany.

Nadya Subramaniam

is a Program Manager at The Asia Foundation, leading the initiative to support the growth and development of Malaysia's TVET Ecosystem. She is also involved in digital upskilling efforts aimed at women microentrepreneurs and youth living below the poverty line.