Why Do Digital Nomads Prefer Penang?

By Sheryl Teoh

November 2022 FEATURE
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YEARS BEFORE Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) launched DE Rantau, a programme aimed at establishing Malaysia as a digital nomad hub, Penang was already listed as one of the top preferred destinations on nomadlist.com, a popular platform for digital nomads around the world.Today, Penang ranks #22 on the global list, and currently has at least 800 digital nomads based in the state. By comparison, KL ranks #45.[1]In the wake of Covid-19, countries around the world are still dealing with disruptions...

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Sheryl Teoh

holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Linfield College, a liberal arts college in the United States, and majored in History with a focus on Classical Greece and Rome. Her interests include the study of philosophy as well as a range of humanities and socio-political issues.