Take the Train and Make the Journey Part of the Adventure

By Samantha Khoo

November 2022 FEATURE
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THE YEAR IS 1885, and Malaya is under British colonial rule. A symphony of steam locomotives resounds from the bowels of Perak state – the land of tin mining. Operated by the Malayan Railway, or Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), it primarily runs to transport tin.Immediately thereafter, Malaya’s railway system expands rapidly, connecting cities across the Peninsula, and by 1923, it extends into Singapore.Today, Peninsular Malaysia boasts a railway network of 1,800km, providing intercity access on three main routes. Along...

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Samantha Khoo

A personal blogger since her teenage years, Samantha Khoo has always enjoyed stringing words together. Her dream is to live off-grid in a cottage with all the coffee, ink and paper she can have.