Imagining and Injecting Malaysiana Into Fantasy Fiction

By Anna Tan

November 2022 FEATURE
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Covers for Amok and The Tale of the Hostage Prince.
PART OF THE reason many of us desire to visit western countries is because they have been presented to us as magical, wonderful places in literature. The way and tone in which places and cultures are described often make a huge difference in how we view them. Things unfamiliar to us, when written in a positive light, suddenly become desirable, exotic even.Likewise, when they are written about in a disparaging or disdainful tone, we internalise that as well. Unfortunately, many Malaysians...

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Anna Tan

writes fantasy stories and fairy tales, and has short stories included in various anthologies. She helps people publish books at Teaspoon Publishing, which includes yelling at HTML for epub reasons. She is also the editor for Penang Art District and NutMag, an annual zine published for and by MYWriters Penang.