Musings on Penang, My Humble Cosmopolis

By Ooi Geok Ling

October 2022 COVER STORY
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SINCE ITS VERY founding, George Town has seen people of different nationalities, ethnicities and religions come and go mainly for trade and economic purposes. Hence, the ascription of “cosmopolitan” to it has always seemed natural and uncontested.[1]Cosmopolitanism versus MulticulturalismThe word “cosmopolitan” has a very long history and derives from the Greek term kosmopolites (kosmos + polites). The word, cosmopolites, must have been intended to be paradoxical as it translates to “citizens of the world” – “citizens” to automatically mean belonging...

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Ooi Geok Ling

likes trying most things once, provided they are not detrimental to her body or her pocket. Too much.