Getting Malaysia’s First LEO Satellite into Orbit

By Ong Siou Woon

September 2022 PENANG PROFILE
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THOUSANDS OF SATELLITES now orbit Earth – the first, Sputnik 1, was launched in 1957. Tens of thousands more are expected to begin orbiting in the coming years[1]. According to the 12th Malaysia Plan, Malaysia considers its aerospace industry[2] to be the key to hastening the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Ong Siou Woon, Chief Operating Officer of Penang Institute, spoke to Dato’ Dr. Sean Seah, Co-founder of Angkasa-X, a company investing in low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, on how Malaysia can progress in...

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Ong Siou Woon

is the Chief Operating Officer of Penang Institute. This YSEALI alumnus was trained in urban planning and she finds learning about nature and food a never-ending journey.