Palliative Care’s Meandering Path

By Catherine Ooi

September 2022 FEATURE
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THERE COMES A time in a very ill person’s life when they (and their caregivers) will inevitably ask, "How do I continue to make the best out of life with my serious illness, even as it progresses into its terminal stage?"Intuitively we know that any attempt to clinically answer such a complex query would fall short. At its crux lies the value of human existence; what is left when disease and frailty strip all else away? Answering this is where...

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Catherine Ooi

is an experienced hospice leader and administrator who is active in advocacy, training and raising death literary levels in the local community. She is the current Vice Chairman of the Malaysian Hospice Council (MHC), the national peak advocacy body for Palliative Care in the country and an Acumen Fellow and Palliative Care Fellow.