The Sikhs and Their Fighting Spirit

By Preveena Balakrishnan

September 2022 FEATURE
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The Queen Street Mahamariamman Temple gopuram in the 1970s with two Sikh statues at the lower tier. Photo by: Sikh Gurudwaras in Malaysia & Singapore, Saran Singh Sidhu AMN,PNM,FRNS.
THE ARULMIGU SRI MAHAMARIAMMAN Temple, along Queen Street in George Town, apparently used to house two statues of Sikhs on their gopuram, the ornate entrance tower of a Hindu temple. The three-tier gopuram is otherwise richly decorated with depictions of Hindu deities. It led me to think, what did the Sikhs do to gain such a venerated position on the gopuram of Penang’s oldest Hindu temple?The Sikhs, many of whom were strapping and hardworking farmers, came from different clans known...

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Preveena Balakrishnan

specialises in ethnoscapes and intangible cultural heritage valuations.