Mozartiana—PPO’s First Post-Pandemic Highlight

By Regina Hoo

September 2022 FEATURE
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"Performing in an orchestra is like learning how to play in a team sport," says Tan. Photo by: Penang Philharmonic Orchestra.
ELIAS DAVID MONCADO walks onstage the Penangpac as applause swells for the violin protégé. Moncado is the star soloist of the matinée, Mozartiana, Penang Philharmonic Orchestra’s (PPO) first organised concert post-Covid.He greets the audience warmly, as one would a long-separated family member, before launching into a concerto under the conductorship of Tan Tor Song, a celebrated violinist now based in Germany.It has been an interminably long two years since both musicians were last in Penang to see family and friends,...

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Regina Hoo