How to Stem the Deluge of Waste We Ourselves Generate?

By Goh Chun Sheng

September 2022 FEATURE
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An open dumping site sitting next to a river in Miri.
MALAYSIA’S LANDFILL SITES occupy an area of ​​nearly 1,200ha, about the size of 2,000 football fields. More worryingly, open dumps are double that, covering the size of 4,000 football fields.This environmental issue is not only prevalent here, but also across Southeast Asia, where the growing waste stream management cannot keep up with the pace of consumption. Much of the municipal solid waste (MSW) ends up in unmanaged open dumping sites, and only some go into large, systematically-managed sanitary landfills.This is...

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Goh Chun Sheng

is a researcher at Sunway University and Harvard University. His research interests lie within the intersection of bio-economy development and environmental restoration, with a special focus on both Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo.