Seni Reog: An Epic Battle Then, and a Cultural Dispute Now

By Izzuddin Ramli

August 2022 FEATURE
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Photo by: Ahmad Fikri Anwar @ PUSAKA.
IN INDONESIA’S kabupaten (regency) of Ponorogo, people tell the story of the mythical battle between their king, Kelono Sewandono and the magical lion-like creature called Singa Barong. King Kelono reigned over the Bantarangin, a kingdom believed to be part of the ancient Ponorogo. In the vast repertory of Javanese epic dance masks, the king is depicted as red-skinned with prominent eyes, wearing a gold-coloured crown and carrying pecut samandiman, a decorated whip in his hand.King Kelono sets out on a...

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Izzuddin Ramli

is a Kelantanese analyst at Penang Institute. He is a writer who seeks refuge in Penang, and agrees with Rumi that the Earth is not our home, we are just passing through.