Penang Hill Gallery @ Edgecliff Ready to Awe the Public

By Tan Bee Eu

August 2022 FEATURE
main image
Photo by: BETA.
ADAPTIVE REUSE, a term commonly used by architects, refers to extending the lifespan of old abandoned buildings by reusing the existing spaces for a new purpose or function. Examples of this humble approach is widely seen in how many heritage buildings in Penang are managed. For example, buildings originally designed for residential purposes are now adapted into cafes, art galleries, museums, restaurants, offices, banks and even schools.Without doubt, because of its huge immediate environmental benefits, adaptive reuse is fast becoming...

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Tan Bee Eu

teaches at Universiti Sains Malaysia. She helms the Penang-based award-winning Architectural Practice, BETA (BEu Tan Architect), which was commissioned as Architect, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer and Curator for Penang Hill Gallery @ Edgecliff (In collaboration with Penang Hill Corporation), a milestone Project funded by the Penang State Government which was launched and opened to the public on 8 July 2022.