Snapshots of Chinese Women in Penang Educated in the Post-WWII Period

By Kuah Li Feng

July 2022 FEATURE
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Source: 南洋商报, 23 October 1930, p. 20
THE FIGURE ABOVE is an article that appeared in Nanyang Siang Pau on 23 October 1930, advocating for women’s liberation in Penang. The title reads:Women! Because we are human, we demand liberation.We must put in real action, don’t just give empty talk.The author highlighted four main points in the fight for women’s liberation, among which education was the priority. The article, interestingly, expresses a strong sentiment against English schools, which the author accused of “changing our fundamental values”. As a...

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Kuah Li Feng

is an ethnographer and cultural practitioner. She founded Studio Good Think in 2011, one of the first private heritage service consultancies in Penang focusing on cultural research and interpretation.