The Future of Journalism Depends on the Ideals of the Next Generation

By Rachel Yeoh

July 2022 FEATURE
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Journalists often try to "catch" politicians or government officials to a query about issues related to the masses. If the issue is pressing, they might have to stop them on their tracks to get the information. Photo by: Imran Hilmy.
Journalism, as it is promoted to eager mass communication students in university, is of noble ambition. Lecturers boast: ‘The press is the Fourth Estate in a democracy, where we keep the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government in check.’It is, in its ideal form, of honourable design. However, journalism functions differently, depending on the type of society involved.What comes out in the traditional media tends to be heavily influenced by the political culture and by who ultimately funds...

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Rachel Yeoh

is a journalist from The Vibes. For the sake of work-life balance, she participates in Penang's performing arts scene after hours.