Hariz the Champion: “The One Who Plays Rubik’s Cube”

By Marcus Dip Silas

July 2022 FEATURE
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Hariz Azizan.
THE FIRST TIME he held a Rubik’s cube, Hariz could not have known that he would one day hold an international world record for Malaysia. Today, Muhd. Hariz bin Azizan holds numerous records, both domestically and abroad, for his speed in solving the puzzle beloved the world over.Born in 1996, Selangor-native Hariz’s journey into the cube-verse began when his mother bought him a Snoopy-themed Rubik’s cube from a Popular bookstore. The curious 11-year-old boy was instantly hooked on the puzzle....

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Marcus Dip Silas

is an interculturalist and the author of Founders' Grit, a compilation biography celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of Penang tech and manufacturing entrepreneurs.