Penang Potters Showcase Works Inspired by Life on the Island

By Nicole Chang

July 2022 FEATURE
main image
Train crossing the fountain at penangpac, created by Ooi Shu Yu, capturing the scene he observed. Photo by: Ooi Woi Leong.
Dao Shang Shao島上焼: Earthly Investigations 2022 格物, a pottery art exhibition delayed by the MCO, was finally held at Penang Institute (PI) on June 11-17. Several hundred visitors dropped by to study an array of unique creations handcrafted from earth and fire.This inaugural Penang-style pottery exhibition showcased the works of 30 participating potters, most of whom are Penang Pottery Club’s (PPC) members. Each exhibit depicted a unique attachment between clay and creator.According to Ooi Woi Leong, the person-in-charge of PPC...

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Nicole Chang

has just completed her PhD programme at the Department of Development Planning and Management, School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.