A Time to Thrive: Promoting and Sustaining Rural Community Tourism

By Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson

main image
One of the caves in the Lenggong complex of caves where the remains of Perak Man were found.
WITH COVID-19, the idea of travel became unthinkable for most of us. So when state borders finally opened, travel-starved Malaysians began exploring their own backyard. Many Malaysians took a few days off to reconnect with family, make day trips and discover what their own country has to offer. For me, that turned out to be quite a lot.Being one of these people who are rediscovering small towns and remoter locations in Malaysia, I found myself experiencing a simpler, more interactive...

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Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson

To know more about her works, visit her Facebook @RebeccaDuckettWilkinsonArt or her Instagram account @atravellingartistsdiary.