Radio and Podcasts in Numbers

By Ong Wooi Leng, Negin Vaghefi

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MALAYSIA’S BROADCASTING SECTOR is mainly led by three service providers. These are Astro, Media Prima and Star Media. Of the RM5.4bil in revenue the sector made in 2020, Astro[1] constituted the largest share at 82%, followed by Media Prima[2] (17.7%) and Star Media[3] (0.3%). Radio Listenership in MalaysiaAccording to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)[4], traditional radio[5] is still the most popular medium across all demographics, outperforming podcasts and TV. In Peninsular Malaysia, Selangor had the highest number of radio...

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Ong Wooi Leng

heads the Socioeconomics and Statistics Programme at Penang Institute. Her work lies in labour market analysis and socio-economic development.

Negin Vaghefi

is a senior analyst at Penang Institute. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics. Her research interests include agri-environmental economics, climate change, green economics, poverty and income inequality, and policy analysis.